Kottur Soman - Kerala Elephant

Kottur Soman is a famous Kerala Elephant Oldest Living Elephant in the World.

Kottur Soman or Konni Soman is the oldest living elephant in the world, owned by the Kerala Forest Department.

Kottur Soman Kerala Elephant

The forest department of Kerala procured Soman from Thekkuthodu Kepramala area of Ranni Forest Division in 1968. After taking him to Konni elephant camp, he was trained and turned into a good Kumki elephant. Many elephants were trained under Soman until 1977, after which the government banned capturing of elephants from forest.

In October 2020, an event was organised in the Kottur elephant sanctuary, where Soman was honoured by the other elephants in the sanctuary, as the authority was preparing to enter him into Guinness World Record for the oldest elephant, after his 78th birthday.

Species: Elephas maximus (Asian Elephant)
Sex: Male
Born: 1942, Konni, Kerala
Owner: Kerala Forest Department

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